WKMG Channel 6 Orlando Coverage

Thank you WKMG CBS 6 Orlando for their coverage of Jennifer Kesse and Unonconcluded. Shaun was interviewed on the 6pm newscast as part of the “Getting Results on Crime” segment with Anchor and Reporter Erik von Ancken. You can watch the segment and read about it at the link below.  


Orlando Sentinel Article Details Unconcluded

Thank you to the Orlando Sentinel for writing a story on Jennifer Kesse and this podcasts efforts to raise awareness and bring her home. READ:

Episode, Season One

Episode Five: Roundabout

Another lead places Jennifer Kesse in a strange situation 1.7 miles from her home, just prior to her disappearance. Support on Patreon: Music by Lee Rosevere & PC III / CC BY NC:

Bonus, Episode, Season One

Bonus: Human Trafficking Expert Kenyon Laing

Kenyon Laing, a gender-based violence expert, answers questions about human trafficking and if it’s a likely motive behind Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance. Polaris Project: National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1 (888) 373-7888 Support on Patreon: Music by Lee Rosevere / CC BY NC:

Episode, Season One, Sidebar

Sidebar / 6.4.17

In this Sidebar, Shaun and Scott answer some decade old questions about Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance. Then, they respond to the many questions and comments from listeners about Lisa’s story from Episode four. Support on Patreon: Music by Lee Rosevere / CC BY NC